Monday, June 11, 2007

Busy, Busy!!

I have been very busy creating this month. My 5th son (of 6 sons) gets married at the end of June (the 29th), and I have been making the two flower girl dresses as well as ring bearer pillow(s). Yes, there are two of each! However, just this weekend we decided one of the ring bearer pillows will be a "bride's pillow" and the other a "groom's pillow." I have completed the one for the bride (to carry the groom's ring).

The groom's pillow will be black with black lace (no flowers) and the same silver embroidery with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. They decided just this week to add a ring bearer (to involve a nephew). I have that one to make still. I'm glad we decided no flowers! I think I am getting just a little tired of making so many! I have made 100 others to go on the flower girl dresses. (See the closeup -- the littlest flowers are the ones I have made so many of).

It is such a joy that this daughter-in-law-to-be also loves "old stuff." She was thrilled I would use vintage lace. I also made her bridal corset, utilizing a victorian-era pattern and improvising. She is just a little thing, but "blessed" and would otherwise have needed to pay premium dollars to have one custom made for her from Great Britain. (For the sake of the blushing bride, I am not including a picture of that piece.)

Today is my birthday so I am taking a wee break and doing more stitching on a little ACEO size crazy quilt book with a vintage poem, "The Bird's Picnic," incorporated within. I still have beadwork, binding and the closure to do. It has 16 embellished surfaces! Here is the cover so far so you can see the work in progress. I'll be posting the finished book in the next day or two so you can enjoy seeing it. I am struggling with whether or not to sell it! I'm having a lot of fun -- in the midst of busy!

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