Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vintage Happiness Quote

A wonderful quote in one of my antique books from 1891 is entitled "Happiness." No author is mentioned, and I've seen various renditions of it in more than one of the antique sources I have. It inspired my latest piece of art on Ebay (I've put up a picture here for your viewing pleasure -- and if you are interested in the piece, I have provided a link on the blog under "A little More About my Passion on the left"). I have memorized the quote and used it in one of the dramatic monologue scripts I wrote and enacted over a fourteen year period. It inspires me yet today. Hope you find it valuable!

"The idea has been transmitted from generation to generation that happiness

is one large and beautiful precious stone -- a single gem so rare

that all search after it is in vain, all effort for it hopeless.

It is not so. Happiness is a mosaic, composed of many smaller stones.

Each taken apart and viewed singly, may be of little value,

but when all are grouped together and judiciously combined and set,

they form a pleasing and graceful whole -- a costly jewel.

Trample not under foot, then, the little pleasures

which a gracious God scatters in the daily path, and which,

in eager search after some great and exciting joy, we are apt to overlook.

Why should we keep our eyes fixed on the distant horizon,

while there are so many lovely roses in the garden in which we are permitted to walk?

The very ardor of our chase after happiness

may be the reason she so often eludes our grasp.

We pantingly strain after her, when she has been graciously brought nigh unto us."

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Anonymous said...

I just found this "Vintage Happiness Quote" and I fell in love with it. Thank you for sharing this with everyone who stumbles upon this. :)


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