Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Will it Be a Handmade Christmas for You?

I support buying handmade, both as a buyer, a creativity coach, and because I also design and make items for resale. For more than those reasons, though, I support handmade because our world has become so less personal -- and I really believe it brings value to our lives when we connect with both the process and the designer.

We have raised six sons. When our oldest two were teenagers, we moved to a little half-acre in the country where we could have a larger garden and raise chickens for eggs. It was a real eye-opener for our sons to feed and care for the chickens who, in turn, produced wonderful extra-large brown, blue and green eggs for our table. Before that, they knew eggs were laid by chickens, but had no real connection to the process. Most of our world has no real connection with how something they purchase came into being, let along came to the store.

I plan to make it a handmade Christmas this year. Our family members met last week over Sunday Dinner and decided to either keep the cost of an item to $10 or less -- or make something to give. The women will each make one item another woman would like (not knowing who they are making the item for). They guys may make something, but knowing them, they will more likely buy a gift. Even then, my challenge is -- how many wonderful handmade items can you find for $10?  Here are a few of the handmade items I found for guys.

I really do believe there is something for everyone if you do a simple search on Etsy. I was truly impressed with what I found. Here is a great item for the guy who needs to carry business cards, but already has a stuffed wallet.  $7.50 - thebritboutique

For the guy who loves the special brew, why not this great item I found for just $6.99!   Beer Soaps at BeautifulSoaps

I know a couple of 20-somethings who would love this great leather and metal stud bracelet for $10. BeadSiam on Etsy

I have several artists among the men in my family. This great drawing case for just $5 would make a great gift! Handmade Drawing Case by rainbowfrogs77

I don't have time to knit this year, but I know my guys love these fingerless gloves -- and a great price! Just $8.00 at Fingerless Gloves by TheSlipStitch

Here's a perfect item for the coffee lover in your life. My hubby loves to ride his bike to meet a friend for coffee. I could see him wearing this on his wrist (keeping warm on an early morning ride) and then using it to keep his coffee warm while he chats away. And, it's just $5 (so I could get two and he could keep both wrists warm plus share one with his buddy)! Re-usable Coffee Cup Sweater by CuffeShop

Why not make it a handmade Christmas this year too?


Dayna said...

I love doing a handmade Christmas. Have done it for years and now people expect it from me!

Leslie B said...

Very nice ideas! I was thinking today about what I could do for girl gifts as I as walking around a thrift store. I like to transform something old into something new and exciting!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Judi! What a great post! Loved all your suggestions! Hugs, ;)


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