Monday, May 14, 2007

An Answer for Discontentment

I love pansies . . . and I love their little-known name, "Heartsease." There is a wonderful poetic fable by M.R.P. I discovered in my vintage 1891 book, "Sunday Chat" all about a heart's-ease. . .as a means to answer discontentment so often prevalent in our lives and the secret for happy living. It was the creative spark behind my latest artistic offering on ebay, my small mini quilt shown here. I hope it will lift your spirits today as it has my own in its review.

"Sought the king his garden

When the air was ringing

With the joyous music

That the birds were singing.

When the sun threw westward

Long bright beams of gold,

And the dew was sparkling

On the wold.

Found his plants all drooping

Sullenly and sadly;

Buds and blossoms hung their heads,

Born to bloom so gladly.

When the king demanded

Why in sorrow bent,

There was but one answer --


For the graceful willow

By the fountain weeping,

And the lovely jasmine,

All her perfume keeping,

Answered when he questioned --

Each with envy spoke --

'Ah, because I cannot

Be an oak.'

E'en the elm-tree answered,

Sadly and complaining,

'Ah, because I am not

Bloom and fruitage gaining.

And the vine, down drooping,

Lamentation made

Just because it could not

Cast a shade.

Rose would be a dahlia,

Ferns the flowers copy,

Daisy grow a sunflower,

Heliotrope, a poppy.

Only little Heart's-ease

Looked all glad and bright,

And the king said, wond'ring

At the sight,

'Wherefore, little Heart's-ease,

Art thou not repining?'

And the Heart's-ease answered,

All her gold heart shining,

'Why, when me you planted

'Mong your garden store,

You wanted just a heart's-ease,

Nothing more.'

Do you know the lesson

That the fable's giving?

'Tis the very secret

Of all happy living.

In whatever station

God for you deems best,

Yours to grow and brighten,

His the rest."

Blessings! -- Judi

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