Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fairy Bubbles

My little granddaughter, Chloe, was the flowergirl for my son's wedding this last week. A typical 3-year-old, Chloe is constantly using her imagination.

About a week before the wedding, her mother called with Chloe on the other phone and said, "Chloe, tell your Grandma what you did!" With sobs jerking her little voice, she plaintively answered, "I cutted my hair and my mommy is berry angwy with me."

A hairdresser used a pretty elaborate upsweep of the chopped bangs to hide the "uh-oh" and Chloe looked just like a fairy princess coming down the aisle, dropping petals.

When I saw the image of two fairies riding a bubble carriage drawn by two butterflies, I couldn't help myself. I got right to work on creating my latest ACEO entitled, "Harnessing Bubbles." I included a snippet of one of my favorite poems from 1869, "Bubbles" that I plan to copy and send along with the ACEO to the winning bidder on Ebay.

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