Friday, May 18, 2007

Flower Day!

I ran across something in my 1899 book, Excelsior Writer and Speaker, I thought was intriguing. There is a section in the book entitled, "Promgrammes for Special Occasions" with a special heading of "Programmed for Flower Day." Wow! I never knew that, as a nation, the USA at one time celebrated Flower Day, did you? Reading through that little section was fun -- and it inspired my latest art offerings on Ebay as well. The newest one is titled, "Sing, Sing, it's Spring!" with a little bluebird singing it's heart out in the midst of roses and lace. I thought I would share one of the songs listed for Flower Day (supposed to be sung to the tune of "My Country Tis of Thee"). Then, we can all sing along with the birds. (I am in a singing mood this morning.)

"Let us with nature sing,
And floral tributes bring,
On this glad day;
Violets white and blue,
Daisies and lilies too,
Pansies of purple hue,
And roses gay.

O'er this fair land of ours,
Blossom the golden flowers
In loveliness;
From Maine to Washington,
Wherever smiles the sun,
Their fairy footsteps run
To cheer and bless.

When winter's curtains gray,
From skies are pushed away
By nature's hand;
We gladly welcome you,
Blossoms of red and blue,
Blossoms of every hue,
To our fair land."

Celebrate spring with me and all the terrific flowers it brings!

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easyjourney said...

I LOVE your Sing Sing It's Spring piece! Judi it's beautiful! And didn't about flower day. TFS xxoo Astrid


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